VA Mortgage would like to announce that our scholarship program is open for submissions!

The Military Education Scholarship Program was started in May of 2007. VA Mortgage is the nation’s number 1 dedicated VA Loan Lender in the nation and VAMC wanted to give something back.

While looking for ways to give back to those that served or are going to serve, VAMC decided that it would set up its own scholarship program. The scholarship was set up for students in ROTC programs, veterans, reservists, military children, and military spouses.
What started out with 2 scholarships awarded and now the program has grown to 5 scholarships for $1500 each!

To win one of the five scholarships you would simply submit a 2-3 page essay in response to the prompt:

“John F. Kennedy once said: “A young man who does not have what it takes to perform military service is not likely to have what it takes to make a living.” In your pursuit of higher education, how do you relate the challenges faced through military service to those faced in the academic and professional world? How will, or how has, your military service taught you to deal with adversity? ”

While writing your essay, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1. Your personal opinions and experiences about the way in which your military service has shaped your life, including the skills you received and are applying as a student and in the workplace.

2. The ways in which your military service has prepared you for success in your education and in life.

3. As an individual, what do you hope to contribute to and accomplish?

Once you completed your essay, you would then submit it on VAMC’s Scholarship Program guidelines page.
For potential recipients who are children or military spouses, the essay should be written by the parent or spouse who has served or is serving. You may also choose to do an interview style essay in which you would obtain all the information through interviewing your parent or spouse.

The Military Education Scholarships are awarded biannually each year in the Fall and Spring. The winners receive a check from VAMC to use towards whatever they choose. You may win the scholarship more than once, so hurry and submit your essay by teh May 1st deadline.