G.I. Bill Transferability

Dec 07th | In: Military Benefits
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Since its first conception, the G.I. Bill has undergone many changes. It has come to be a show piece for all military services and a major draw for enlistments across the board. The new GI Bill is no exception. With the policy changes there are many questions. With the newest GI Bill, the Post 9/11 […]

Military Spouse Tuition Assistance Programs

Nov 05th | In: Military Spouse Tuition Assistance
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As the spouse of a service member in the Armed Forces, you may be eligible to receive tuition assistance (TA) to help you pursue your educational and career goals. While spouses don’t receive the same assistance as their active duty service members, funds received by utilizing available programs are helpful in defraying the costs associated […]

How Can Army Spouses Get Scholarships?

Oct 30th | In: army

As the spouse of a soldier in the U.S. Army, you may want to take advantage of programs designed to offer financial assistance and scholarship opportunities to family members looking to pursue educational and career goals. Earlier this year, the Department of Defense (DoD) and Veteran’s Administration (VA) announced brand new benefit programs designed to […]