Scholarship Available for Military Spouses & High School Seniors

The MacDill Officer’s Spouses’ Club is offering two $500 scholarships; one to a high school senior and one to a spouse. Another private scholarship programs for military spouses.  For high school seniors are on the lookout for last-minute scholarships to help pay for college, the MacDill Officer’s Spouses’ Club is offering a scholarship to Hillsborough, […]

Military Spouses Can Balance Their Education

Oct 02nd | In: military spouse

All you need is a set of clear objectives just like you would in mission or objective planning in the military.  After deciding to take advantage of the military education benefits you’ve earned through your service, you can use a simple, “SMART” method, as shown on for writing down your goals to assure that […]

Vocational Rehabilitation For Military Spouses and Veterans

May 13th | In: military spouse, Veterans

  When we think of war veterans, many people picture graying old men who fought in Europe during World War II or in Korea. Yet nowadays we must remember that there are thousands of young men and women in America who are veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.   These younger veterans often […]