MyCAA offers Financial assistance (up to $4000) in terms of education, Employment readiness counseling and Employment assistance to military spouses.

Q1. What is the MyCAA Program?

Ans. MyCAA or Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Program is an initiative of the US military to provide career improvement and employment opportunities to spouses of military personals. This program is sponsored by the Department of Defense (DOD) and helps military spouses pursue their educational goals by achieving medical, legal training and other certifications or Associate’s Degree so that they can gain employment.

Q2. What will MyCAA pay for and what it won’t pay for?

Ans. MyCAA helps in pursuing educational goals so it pays for the education, training and examination of a certified course or Associate’s degree with major in any subject except subjects related to General Studies and Liberal Arts. Major in General Studies are accepted if there is specific concentration such as concentration is in General Studies – Nursing, or General Studies – Teaching. Moreover the course must be undertaken from an institution, school or college accredited by MyCAA in United States.

The MyCAA program won’t pay for any tuition or preparatory classes, books and supplies, transportation, lodging, personal enrichment courses, student activity, fees paid as job training, or for private licenses.

Q3. What are the eligibility criteria for MyCAA?

Ans: Not everyone is entitled to apply for the MyCAA program. Spouses of military personals on active duty and fall under the pay grades E-1 to E – 5, W- 1 to W – 2, and O – 1 to O – 2 are eligible to apply. Spouses married to the National Guard and Reserve Components personals and falling under the same pay grades are also eligible to apply.

Q5. How to know which schools are participating in MyCAA?

Ans. Presently there are about 3000campuses participating in the MyCAA program. The best way to search for a campus is to visit the MyCAA Spouse Portal ( and view the list. In case the school is not participating then applicants can talk with school officials and persuade them to join the program. However the fastest way to get enrolled is to select a school that is already on the list as the process of registering a new school can take 60 days.

Q6. How to apply for MyCAA Financial Assistance?

Ans. First create a MyCAA Account. Next comes preparing an Education and Training Plan and getting it approved. The Education and Training Plan should include spouse’s career goal, school location, and type of program the spouse is enrolling and detailed course information. If the Education and Training Plan is approved print the MyCAA Financial Assistance documents and take them with you to the school for course registration.

Q7. Can a spouse register for the MyCAA program without taking Financial Assistance?

Ans. Yes, even without taking any financial assistance spouses can register for MyCAA and get career counseling, recommendations to self-assessment tests, employment support and other career related facilities.