Military spouses, you know better than anyone that military life puts on your efforts to pursue a career.  That’s why we need to hear from you.  Your comments are vital to our effort to boost spouse education and career opportunities.

It’s important that you know how valuable your comments are.  We read them very carefully.  Your words tell us where to focus our attention and where to go next.  Your best ideas allow us to tailor the military spouse employment program to your needs.

For example, you’ve asked that spouse employment programs support aspirations to all career fields, rather than a select few.  Message received.  We will to strive to help you pursue any career that fits your interest and experience.

Others have asked that we show potential employers how volunteerism is on par with work experience.  We will do this.  I am aware of the tremendous service you provide through your volunteerism.  We want employers to understand the skills and leadership that you demonstrate through your volunteer work.

We use your comments when we champion your cause.  The spouse licensure issue is a good example.  We posted a discussion board where spouses can describe their experiences, the good and the bad, with state licenses and certifications as you move from state to state.  We are sharing your comments with state law makers as we work with them on this issue.  They are seeing your first-hand accounts of the costs, obstacles and frustrations you encounter as you strive to continue your career.

We are making progress.  So far this year, 11 states have introduced legislation to break down licensure barriers.  We will continue to work with each state and address the barriers that spouses face.  We’re not there yet, so we need you to continue providing your comments.  It really makes a difference!

We’ve posted another discussion board, asking which career you want to pursue.  By reading about your career aspirations, we can best channel our efforts and energy toward meaningful support in terms of assisting you with career opportunities.

In the future, expect more opportunities to share your questions, comments and suggestions.  We are fully committed to supporting and empowering you to pursue a rewarding career. Thank you.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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