There’s one thing about the military life that is as certain as taxes – and that’s that sooner or later you’re going have to move. We’ve all heard about “military brats:” that tongue and cheek term for the children who grow up on military posts all over the world. 


Well, one can argue the pros and cons of the military lifestyle, but there has been one issue that has been a sore spot for years: students of military personnel not being able to smoothly carry on military education when they end up in a new state. 


In the upcoming year, the Texas legislature will look at Senate Bill 90 – known as the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children — which will require that the state adopt the compact designed by the by the Council of State Governments.


The legislation stipulates that the State of Texas must work with other states in the compact to create uniform standards for students entering a school from another state.


The children of military personnel have a number of social challenges facing them when they enter a new school. And a uniform set of regulations between different states would allow a child to go from Ft. Hood to Ft. Irwin without a bureaucratic nightmare. 


In addition to the formal cooperation between states, military children may also want to take a look at online high schools that offer diploma programs 100% online. When a military student is enrolled in an online high school, they can “go to school” by simply logging onto their computer from home.  And when home is Texas one month and California the next, studies won’t be affected if students are enrolled at an online high school. 


Military students looking at an online school should be sure to make sure that the school has regional accreditation like the one from WASC: the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Believe it or not, regional accreditation has more weight and respect than national accreditation. 


And what exactly does an online high school mean? In an online high school the student logs onto a special “school board” every day. They get messages and assignments from teachers, they can email teachers questions about a lesson, and with some schools, there are forums so students can chat with each other about their lessons. 


It goes without saying that not all teenagers are ready for online schooling, but for some this is a valuable option. Military children, like children everywhere, can face undesirable social pressures and influences at a traditional school. An online school allows parents to have more oversight on their children’s lives while keeping them safe at home. 


The benefits that one associates with home schooling, are similar for children who choice to study for their diploma online. And just as are home-schooled students must be self-disciplined and obedient, these same qualities are important for a child looking to attend an online highschool.