1. General Information.

The Fort Hood Area Military Family Member Scholarship Fund is an independent organization developed for the purpose of providing scholarships for deserving, eligible U.S. military family members. A special Selection Committee will nominate applicants based on the spouse’s academic record, job record, volunteer work, participation in community-based activities, letters of recommendation and a brief essay. Financial need is not considered. All properly submitted applications are reviewed and evaluated by the Selection Committee in accordance with the organization’s constitution and by-laws. All materials submitted remain confidential.
2. Eligibility For This Scholarship Program in Fort Hood Area.

a. The applicant must be:
1) the spouse of an active duty U.S. military sponsor assigned to Ft. Hood and residing in Bell, Coryell, Lampasas, or Williamson County, or
2) the spouse residing in Bell, Coryell, Lampasas, or Williamson County of an active duty U.S. military sponsor, or
3) the spouse of a deceased or retired active duty U.S. military sponsor residing in Bell, Coryell, Lampasas, or Williamson County.

b. “Active duty U.S. military sponsor” is defined as active-duty Regular Army or an Army Reservist who is activated at the time of application for scholarship or a National Guardsman who is activated at the time of application for scholarship.

c. The applicant must be a high school graduate or hold a valid high school equivalent.

d. The applicant must be accepted by an accredited institution of higher learning (i.e., college, vocational, or correspondence) or expect to be accepted by such an institution for an undergraduate/graduate degree. Persons pursuing a second undergraduate or graduate degree are NOT ELIGIBLE.

e. The applicant must possess a valid U.S. military identification card.

f. Active Duty service members are not eligible.

g. Those who have previously received a Fort Hood Area Military Family Member Scholarship are ineligible to apply. Those who have previously applied, but DID NOT RECEIVE a scholarship are eligible to re-apply.
3. Procedures.

Applicants must submit the following as a completed packet to be considered by the Selection Committee:

a. Completed Application Form. Use this year’s current Form. Do not send resumes, copies of awards, or diplomas. Provide only the information requested.

b. An essay, in 500 words or less, explained in your own words: Upon completion of this phase of your education, how do you see yourself applying this knowledge in the next 5-10 years ? See Application Form #13 for instructions.

c. Official college or vocational transcripts (if available) with an original signature or seal. No copies will be accepted.

d. Two (2) sealed letters of recommendation should be completed by persons unrelated to you who will attest to your motivation, character, and integrity.

e. Copy (front and back) of applicant’s current picture U.S. military ID card.

f. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that a completed packet, as listed above, is mailed with sufficient postage. Postage-due mail will not be accepted and will be returned to the Post Office. Hand-carried applications will not be accepted. Include applicant’s last 4 numbers of their Social Security Number on all application materials.

g. The completed packet must be postmarked by 26 March 2010 and mailed to:
Fort Hood Area Military Family Member Scholarship Fund

P. O. Box 5299
Fort Hood, Texas 76544

h. Incomplete applications are ineligible for consideration.

i. Questions? Call (254) 286-2334. If dialing from Ft. Hood: 9-286-2334. This is a voice mailbox. Please leave a message, your name and phone number and allow at least 48 hours for a response.

Or write FHAMFMSF, Box 5299, Fort Hood, Texas 76544.

4. Scholarship Awards.

Scholarships awarded must be used during the school year immediately
following the award. Funds available 1 July 2010 must be claimed not later than 26 February 2011. The Scholarship Committee will award funds directly to the institution of higher learning (not to individual recipients) in the recipient’s name upon verification of registration. Scholarship winners who accept a full four year scholarship (to include tuition, room and board) from another source must forfeit this scholarship and notify in writing the Ft. Hood Area Military Family Member Scholarship Fund Committee of their decision by 1 October 2010. Scholarship selections are made at the end of April and scholarship recipients will be notified no later than mid-May 2010.