Today, I would like to introduce to my blog reader who might have thought about a new career pursuing in 2012,  Alcohol & Drug Counselor might be a good career you should consider too.  The Alcohol and Drug Counseling program prepares you for employment as a Substance Abuse Counselor, a role that fills a growing need in our society. Addiction is a chronic and widespread problem that affects people of all ages and from all walks of life. In fact, one in eight Americans suffers from alcohol or drug addiction.

The demand for Substance Abuse Counselors is projected to grow much faster than the national average—20percent or higher—during the period from 2008-2018, with a stated employment in 2008 of 352,000 individuals!  However, before you choose any school, the school you attend should be approved the state association,


At InterCoast College, The Alcohol & Drug Counselling Studies program is designed for flexibility and classes need not be attended in the order in which they are offered. Start the program at any point in the semester. In order to complete the program and receive a Villanova Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Counseling requires the completion of 12 classes, 905 hours of education along with 41 credit unit.

Financial Aid Award Year # of Students Who Began Program On Time Graduation Rate ACCET 2010 Calendar Year Placement Rate for Graduates Tuition and Fees for Normal Completion Books and Supplies Cost for Normal Completion Median Loan Debt at Graduation
(All Sources)
Financial Aid Credits
2009/2010 905 84.71% 82.34% $18,712 Included in Tuition $9,358      30