The Marines offer several programs designed to support the educational goals of its members.

The Marine Corps provides up to 100 percent of the cost to service members who elect to pursue off-duty or voluntary education. This would include all active-duty and Reserve enlisted Marines on continuous active duty attending accredited colleges and universities.

Officers who are on active-duty are eligible to receive Marine Corps Tuition Assistance if they commit to staying on active duty for two continuous years after completing the course funded by the program.

Those who meet eligibility requirements and elect to enroll in courses toward a degree may not exceed $4,500 in tuition-assistance funds per fiscal year. Funding is limited to $250 per semester hour or the equivalent in undergraduate, graduate, vocational and technical classes, independent study and distance-learning programs.

Marine Corps College Fund – Marines who demonstrate a potential for academic excellence and are listed on eligible Marines’ contracts during their initial enlistment into the service may be eligible to receive tuition assistance through this fund.

Montgomery G.I. Bill –  At the time of their initial enlistment, service members can sign up for the Montgomery G.I. Bill. During the first year, a monthly deduction of $100 is taken out of the participant’s paycheck. After that, a marine can use the Bill at any time for up to 10 years following the time of honorable discharge. Those on active duty can use is in conjunction with tuition assistance.

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