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Common Questions(FAQs) on MyCAA Program

Mar 13th | In: MyCAA
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MyCAA offers Financial assistance (up to $4000) in terms of education, Employment readiness counseling and Employment assistance to military spouses.

Criteria: Ch. 33 benefits transferred to an eligible dependent by a veteran who fits the criteria for Ch. 33 benefits and:

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All About DoD Military Spouse Preference Program

May 02nd | In: military spouse, MyCAA
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About DoD Military Spouse Preference Program:Military Spouse Preference (MSP) derives from Public Law 99-145, “DoD Authorization Act of 1986″, Section 806, “Employment Opportunities for Military Spouses”. This section implemented measures to increase employment opportunities for spouses of members of the Armed Forces. The intent is to lessen the employment and career interruptions of spouses who […]

How to Create Your MyCAA Account?

Feb 08th | In: military spouse, MyCAA
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I’ve received lots of emails requesting about instructions on MyCAA Account Creation Steps for those who might be eligible newly or still have some funds left in their accounts and have no idea how to create account.