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Life Knowledge and Wisdom…. Great Ideas

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Check out these great ideas that makes your life much easier,

About TRICARE Program

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Health Care is one of your most important benefits of military service. Servicemembers have access to a robust network of Military Treatment Facilities. In addition, the Department of Defense heath care program, known as TRICARE, provides health care coverage for medical services, medications, and dental care for military families and retirees and their and survivors. […]

The Universum has recently posted about the best 40 workplace in United States for recent college graduates.  Among the list, there are some companies that our readers, military spouses wish to work for, such as LVHM, Deloitte, Google and more.  See if there are companies you would like to work for after earned college degrees.

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A challenge that military spouses face relates to career opportunities. Because military spouses travel frequently, moving from one duty station to another, when their husbands and wives serving in the military receives new orders, it can be challenging for them to get hired into permanent jobs that pay high wages. One way around this challenge […]

The Pentagon spent nearly $563 million on tuition assistance (TA) for its military professionals in 2011. According to the February 23, 2012 Martin Corps Times “Half of TA Money Goes to For Profit Schools” article nearly half that money went to for-profit postsecondary schools. Although the government has stated that it will look into how […]

A Salute to Military Wives

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Here is an infographic that would convey the strength, value, and sacrifice that these military wives symbolize.

Common Questions(FAQs) on MyCAA Program

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MyCAA offers Financial assistance (up to $4000) in terms of education, Employment readiness counseling and Employment assistance to military spouses.

Criteria: Ch. 33 benefits transferred to an eligible dependent by a veteran who fits the criteria for Ch. 33 benefits and:

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I am posting this news for all my blog readers because lots of spouse members I’ve known for years, they fall behind in their payments after graduating one of profit local or online colleges because the economy is hard for them to find jobs.

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