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It’s time for America to honor our brave warriors, who have sacrificed so much, by assuring them that we will provide their children with the best public education possible. For too long, military children in public schools have been overlooked, moving from school to school an average of nine times during their K-12 years and […]

1. General Information. The Fort Hood Area Military Family Member Scholarship Fund is an independent organization developed for the purpose of providing scholarships for deserving, eligible U.S. military family members. A special Selection Committee will nominate applicants based on the spouse’s academic record, job record, volunteer work, participation in community-based activities, letters of recommendation and […]

We all know that the process of searching for a job can be an overwhelming experience, especially in times when unemployment rates are up. For military spouses, the task of finding employment may be even more challenging and occur on a more frequent basis due to the nature of military life. Whether having to leave […]

Military service has always been one of the highest callings to which young men and women can aspire. The desire to protect one’s country and the freedoms it holds dear is strong in many people, and a career in the military holds many rewards. Some of those rewards are financial, and the military branches provide […]

There’s one thing about the military life that is as certain as taxes – and that’s that sooner or later you’re going have to move. We’ve all heard about “military brats:” that tongue and cheek term for the children who grow up on military posts all over the world.    Well, one can argue the […]