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Medical Transcription Training For Service Members

Jul 20th | In: Military Family

Military service has always been one of the highest callings to which young men and women can aspire. The desire to protect one’s country and the freedoms it holds dear is strong in many people, and a career in the military holds many rewards. Some of those rewards are financial, and the military branches provide […]

Transition into a Fulfilling Post-Army Career — The New AVOTEC Pilot Program Will Cover Your Training up to $4,500!

Jul 16th | In: army, national guard
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I’ve found a very good new for Army, Active duty? Starting now — as a soldier, officer or Wounded Warrior serving on active duty, including National Guard and Reserve Soldiers on extended active duty, funding is available to assist you with¬†technical, vocational or advanced training and re-trainingthrough the Army Vocational/Technical (AVOTEC) Pilot Program.¬† Click here […]