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New Texas Legislation Would Help Military Families Continue Education

May 27th | In: Military Family

There’s one thing about the military life that is as certain as taxes – and that’s that sooner or later you’re going have to move. We’ve all heard about “military brats:” that tongue and cheek term for the children who grow up on military posts all over the world.    Well, one can argue the […]

Difference Between the Marine Corps and the Army

May 21st | In: army marine corps

The one thing you never want to do is call a Marine a “soldier.” While to many civilians a person in a uniform carrying a rifle is always soldier, Marines and Soldiers in American have very different purposes and cultures. First it’s important to realize that the U.S. Army is the largest service branch in […]

Vocational Rehabilitation For Military Spouses and Veterans

May 13th | In: military spouse, Veterans

  When we think of war veterans, many people picture graying old men who fought in Europe during World War II or in Korea. Yet nowadays we must remember that there are thousands of young men and women in America who are veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.   These younger veterans often […]

Job Fair for Military Spouses

May 12th | In: military spouse, Veterans
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The military-to-civilian recruiting firm RecruitMilitary will hold a Career Fair for military spouses and veterans on Jan. 29, 2009 at LP Field in Nashville, Tenn. The event is an opportunity for former service members and military spouses to meet face-to-face with potential employers. LP Field is home to the Tennessee Titans professional football team and […]